Beautiful Maroon & Peach Color Rajputi Poshak

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  • October 4, 2018
  • By Raanisa

Royal Ranisa is the first choice for traditional poshaks to attire not only for the Rajputs women but for every woman around the Indian world. The “Rajput” word comes to the Sanskrit words within the Raja-Putra means of the son of a king. You know that a Rajput is a member of all over India especially in the historic region of Rajputana which others name island of the Rajputs.

The Royal dresses are elegant to easy manage in any wedding and cultural functions.

We give you a most important collection of best to best prices wonderland Rajputi dresses. Discover your apparels with the heavy embellishments a wonderful dzire work for the borders and all over the design.

A Bridal Rajputi Poshak is a complete combination of trendiest choices for royal Rajasthan and innovative ideas where one can purchase with designer clothes. A vibrant color to the culture of Rajasthan is adding to the Rajasthani poshaks list.

Details Of Heavy hand made bridal poshak:

Lahanga fabric: Velvet

Odhana Fabric: Jod odhani georgette

Colour: maroon & peach

Work: Resham dabka mix work