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Best Rajputi Dress in Jaipur
  • 26 Sep

Most Attractive Place to Buy Rajputi Dress

There’s nothing quite like the beauty of a Rajputi dress for a woman to beautify herself. The Rajputi Poshak is very comfortable woman attire. Nowadays every woman wear-out the Rajputi poshak because this is a very splendid attire for women. A rajputi dress is generally known as a Rajputi poshak is a dress worn by the women […]

Multi-Color Rajputi Poshak
  • 24 Sep

Buy Multicolor Rajputi Poshak | RoyalRanisa

Rajasthan is a land of vivid culture and beautiful wildlife. From the sand dunes to the ancient folk songs, we get the essence of Rajasthan everywhere. The vividness of their culture can be seen in the costumes and dresses that are the perfect combination of their Cultural lineage and spectacular colors. They always use bright […]

Bridal Rajputi Poshak - Royal ranisa
  • 21 Sep

Awesome Bridal Rajputi Poshak in Rajasthan

Royal Ranisa is the first choice for traditional poshaks to attire not only for the Rajputs women but for every woman around the Indian world. The “Rajput” word comes to the Sanskrit words within the Raja-Putra means of the son of a king. You know that a Rajput is a member of all over India, […]

  • 30 Aug

Poshak For Beendani

State Rajasthan is the most popular and imperial state in India. One of the largest states (regional) in India. The culture of this state is beyond imagination, unbelievable history, culture, heritage, traditional, dressing style is everything.

rajputi poshak
  • 01 Aug

Rajputi Poshak a Famous Attire of Women in Rajasthan

Women’s in Rajasthan almost 80% wear the traditional type of clothes which is known as “Rajputi Poshak” and Rajasthani dresses other than sarees or salwar suits.

rajputi poshak
  • 14 Jul


Khamma Ghani to all the Banna sa & Baisa Hkm, as the season of marriages are coming soon here in Rajasthan (Rajputana) and every woman is shopping for dresses and jewellery.

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