Look On Budget – How To Dress Royal When On A Tight Budget ?

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  • June 15, 2019
  • By Raanisa
rajputi poshak

Baisa ho ya Bhabhi sa, Manuhaar ho to Royal Ranisa jaisa!!

Looking royal doesn’t necessarily mean you spend the hefty sum, you can hack your way to looking gorgeous, daily.

Looks do matter and when it comes to looking royal, you definitely don’t want to miss out these hacks that make you look royal and very pretty.

Dressing up every day is a routine for us, but what if you can amp up that game and take it to the next level? And here comes the point of How to Dress Royal in Budget? Ethnic, traditional dresses make Indian women look spectacular.

And what better attire to dress up in, other than the Rajputi Poshak? The poshak consists of intricate work like gotta patti, block prints, thread work and other exclusive work that gives it that royal look (and it’s not even expensive!)

Ways to Save Bucks on Your Next Shopping – Royal Look Dresses 

Shop for the occasion – And Dress Royal 

Well before indulging into the amazing Rajasthani Poshaks, you must keep this in mind as to for which occasion you want the dress. Because the best Poshaks are sure to leave you spellbound and wanting for more.

Plan in advance, and keeping in mind the occasion, shop the dress accordingly. This makes you not only shop the best one for you but also get the best Royal Dress for Wedding at an affordable price for you. This hack applies to all, even if you are shopping for your mother or sister or anyone for that matter, you can be their personal shopper next time!

A list goes a long way – To Look Elegant 

How many times has it happened to us, we go out looking for certain things and end up buying something out of the blue? (Urgh, that feeling though!)

Not only you’re back to square one (not having the dress for the occasion) but also bought dresses sit on the shelves for decades till we clean the wardrobe next time. We hope this doesn’t happen to you and you have a pleasant shopping experience.

The best solution to this could be that you make a list of Rajasthani Royal Look you want to buy next time you’re out in the market. This will make you stick to exactly what you want and you’ll end up being a happy customer and flaunt the dress as and when you want.

Colors – Stand You Out 

Okay you have orange and pink, and green and red, but are you still going to buy the same next time? Sure you want to look out for diverse colors that enhance your beauty and give you a fresh look, on a budget.

Well the good part is, the colorful Poshaks are not very far from you, affordable Rajputi Poshaks in Jaipur, made available by the Royal Ranisa, give you enough liberty to shop from a huge variety.

We have exclusive Poshaks, (very affordable) to make sure we have one that suits you the best. Though we craft the Poshak in a way that every color suits you, but we also understand that you have a special preference.

Each color decides the mood and sets the tone for the day. Here’s how each color can have an effect on you and tell a lot about you.

Here’s what it projects and how to choose the best for you –

Maroon and Peach

Royal Look Dress for Female makes you look feminine and bold at the same time. Baisa doesn’t want to miss out this look. You can carry it at your saheli’s place or at any event and make everyone ask just one question – “Where did you get this Rajputi Poshak from?”

Rani Color Poshak

Color of passion and enthusiasm (not to forget, the maharani’s own color). It makes you look Royal in no time. It makes you stand out in the crowd and catch eyeballs.

Elegant Yellow Poshak

The bright sunny color will definitely make you shine (no kidding). You come across as chirpy, lively and definitely one you want to pick up when on a tight budget.

This one goes a long way and is a summery color, one you must have in your wardrobe.

So follow these hacks on How to Look Royal and Elegant and next time for more personal experience, visit our shop where we exhibit all the collections, and you will get only the best Royal Rajputi Poshak in Jaipur.


Look On Budget -- How To Dress Royal When On A Tight Budget
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Look On Budget -- How To Dress Royal When On A Tight Budget
Visit our shop where we exhibit all the collections, and you will get only the best Royal Rajputi Poshak in Jaipur.
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