Will Rajputi Poshak Vs Traditional Dresses Ever Rule the World?

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  • June 15, 2019
  • By shashank
traditional rajasthani dress

Rajasthan, a state which is full of rich culture and heritage. It has everything in it, massive forts, beautiful palaces, colorful bazaars and many more things that attract tourist from around the globe.

But Rajasthan is also famous for its traditional dresses in which Rajputi Poshak for Womens is the most famous Royal Dress. Royal Ranisa offers you a unique designer poshak which makes us different from other sellers.

Now let us know about Rajputi Dress for Women in brief-

History of Royal Rajputi Poshak

Rajputana Poshak is a lovely traditional dress which has a fusion of Mughal and Rajasthani cultural heritage. It is believed that the Mughals stimulated the women of Rajputana to adopt the Poshak as their Royal attire.

The Rajputi Poshak remained the same for years, the way of wearing it and the stitching has remained the same for hundreds of years. Rajputi dress reflects the richness and diversity of Rajputi culture and heritage. Therefore the only things that have changed in Rajputi Poshak are designs and color.

poshak summer three

How Rajputi Dress is Different From Traditional Dresses?

Rajputi Poshak has its own uniqueness in terms of design. When you wear a Rajputi Poshak and go on a social gathering you stand out from the rest of the crowd. In India, each state has its own Traditional Dress which is beautiful in its own ways, but Rajputi dress has a class of its own.

Rajputi Poshak is adopted as their festival apparel not only by Rajputi women but women from other community as well. The way of wearing and handling the Rajputi dress makes you feel royal. Wearing the Rajputi Poshak with Rajasthani Jewelry makes you look extraordinary.

Classification of Rajputi Dress

Kurti and Kanchali

Worn on the upper body, these are actually a set of two pieces, kurta is worn over kanchali. To look appealing it should be carefully designed.


Its kind of long skirt, cut in short “kalis” to add width and grandeur at the top, the more the Kalis better would be the width of ghagra. Usually tailored with different fabrics with a variety of color.


Its a piece of transparent cloth having 2.5-meter length and usually comes in chiffon and georgette. Wearing odhni completes the “Rajputi Dress” decent elegance and gives an appealing look.

The additional look could be given by adding embroidery, zari work and adding patches. The wearing style of odhani is different in different communities.

Rajputi poshak

The Next Thing in Making of Rajputi Poshak 

In addition to the above, the most important thing that should be kept in mind while making a royal dress is the choice of fabric. The fabric you choose totally depends on the type of Poshak you want to make a light Poshak or a heavy work Poshak.

The next part comes is coloring the fabric.  The Poshak is transformed from a simple white cloth into a colorful fabric. Different colors are embellished on the fabric such as red, green, yellow and many more. Nowadays multicolor rajputi dress is also in trend, two colors are mixed and used on the fabric.

Once the fabric is colored then comes the part of the artisan. A highly skilled and experienced worker is required to make the design on the Poshak. Elegant design and intricate pattern made by professionals by hand transform a white fabric into a Royal Rajputi Poshak.

Designs in Royal Rajputi Poshak 

Now you know how much hard work is done to transform cloth into a magnificent Rajputi Poshak. The Rajputi Poshak has been the same for years. Same color and same design, but now the trend is changing you will find a more colorful and unique design in Rajputi Poshak.

Some of the Latest Rajputi Poshak Designs available at Royal Ranisa are –

  • Yellow Rajputi Poshak
  • Dark Green Rajputi Poshak
  • Yellow and green Rajputi Poshak
  • Red color Rajputi Poshak
  • Rani color Rajputi Poshak
  • Maroon & Peach color Rajputi Poshak

Rajputi Poshak Designs 

The Rajputi Poshak can also be classified on the basis of the work done on it that we generally term as – Best Rajputi Poshak Designs. However, the work can be light or heavy depending upon the fabric used and design implanted on the Poshak. The light work Rajputi Poshak or Cotton Rajputi Dress can be worn daily because it has minimum work done on it by the artisans makes it comfortable to wear the whole day.

On the other side, the heavier version of Poshak comes with heavy work on it. The Heavy work Rajputi Poshak are preferred on a special occasion like festivals or marriage function. “Teej ” is among the famous festivals for Rajput. Rajput women like to wear heavy work Rajputi dress on this special festival.

varieties of multicolour rajputi poshak

Traditional Myths on Rajputi Poshaak 

The stitching pattern and the way of wearing Rajputi Poshak have been the same for years and will remain the same for the coming years. Therefore the unique thing that Royal Ranisa provide you is designing and fusion of colors. Royal Ranisa focuses on providing customers with unique designs whenever they visit the store.

All ourRajputana Dresses are designed by experienced artisans. So next time whenever you plan to buy a Rajputi Poshak just visit Royal Ranisa and you will find different varieties of Rajputi Poshak in different colors.

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Rajputi Poshak vs Traditional dresses
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