Poshak For Beendani

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  • August 30, 2018
  • By Raanisa
Poshak For Beendani

First of all, State Rajasthan is the most popular and imperial state in India. One of the largest states (regional) in India.

However, the culture of this state is beyond imagination, unbelievable history, culture, heritage, traditional, dressing style is everything. Cultural and royal heritage inspire more tourism to visit historic monuments. It is completely elegant and traditional, coming back to dressing.

Generally, this dressing is related to Rajput, Charan Rajputra family but, it is not very famous in all cast and culture. Most noteworthy Rajasthani dresses include blouses and ghagaras while Rajput Odhni, kurta, kanchali and Ghagaras are also a part of Rajasthani dresses.

Rajasthani traditional clothes are known for the bravery, culture, traditional and dressing of Rajasthan Royal Rajput State. Especially women, they have some extraordinary and elegant style of wearing costumes.

However, Poshak For Beendani in Rajasthan is known as Rajasthani dress. Beendani Poshak is a special dress and is the royal identity of Rajput women. It is different in the entire culture of Rajasthan.

RoyalRanisa gives a complete traditional Poshak for beendani. Similarly, wearing with classy ornaments and Rajasthani style footwear with the costume looks more attractive and beautiful. The special feature of this Rajput dress is that it covers the entire body. This is the reason that many other women are wearing which are not related to the Rajput community. In Rajasthan, you will find many types of costumes in different colors, designs, work etc.

Classification of Poshak for beendani


A Gaghra that touches the feet. To add width and magnificent bottom, cut off the splendor of “chili” and more “white” traces.


Various clothes were prepared in varieties of color, design, and print.


Odhani gives a complete look to women. The wearing style of odhani is different in different communities. Cover the whole body with the head adds dignity and grace to women. Odhani gives a complete look for all Beendani. Different styles of Odhani are present which includes the patches, embroidery, and some light Zari works etc.

Although there is a different style of wearing other clothes in India. These Rajput cloths are separated in the same way but with different colors and printed designs. There is no stylish way to wear this dress. You should wear those other Rajputi Poshak so you stand out from the crowd with elegance, style, beauty, grace, and full Rajasthani traditional dress.

In Rajasthan, about 80% of women wear traditional type clothes. Furthermore, this traditional garment of Rajasthan has been divided into two groups:- Rajputs wear female clothes in Rajput or Rajputith families and other women’s clothing contains odhani, blouse, and ghagaras in Rajasthani dress. Poshak for beendani covers the entire body of women, which is why it is considered as the Rajasthan Royal dress because many women and princesses wears a Rajput dress.

This dress is a symbol of royalty and traditional culture. Since Rajput women are related to good and well-defined families, they mainly follow the transit system which is also called Gharghat. Rajputi Poshak comes with various designs and paints and embroidery work.

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