Rajputi Poshak a Famous Attire of Women in Rajasthan

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  • August 1, 2018
  • By Raanisa
rajputi poshak

Women’s in Rajasthan almost 80% wear the traditional type of clothes which is known as “Rajputi Poshak” and Rajasthani dresses other than sarees or salwar suits.

However, this traditional garment of Rajasthan is sub-divided into two groups of women’s of Rajput or Rajpurohit Families wear Rajputi poshaks.

The famous dress of Rajputi women’s is Odhni, Kurti, Kanchali, and Ghagras which is a world popular attire for everyone.

This Rajputi Poshak covers the whole body of women’s that is why it is considered as Royal Dress of Rajasthan as many queens and Princess wear Rajputi Poshak. The symbol of Royalty and Traditional culture. Gives complete look and grace to women’s who wear this garments.

As Rajput females belong to good protocol and well-defined family mainly they follow parda system also known as Ghungat. Rajputi poshaks comes with varied designs and color and embroidery work. Available in casual and weddings wear which is called “Bari”.

Classification of Rajputi Poshaks-


A long skirt which touches the feet. Cut in short “Kalis” to add width and grandeur at the bottom, more the “Kalis” more the grandeur of Ghagra. Tailored with different fabrics in varieties of color, designs, and prints.

Kurti and Kanchali

Cover the upper body of women’s have two different pieces, kurta is worn over the kanchali. Tailored according to the measure of the body needs expert skills to tailor kanchali and kurti.


A long piece of 2.5-meter transparent cloth, made with mild fabric usually georgette, chiffon, and tor etc. Having light featherweight. Similarly, Odhni gives complete look to women.  However, the wearing style of odhani is different in different communities. It, therefore, covers the whole body with the head add dignity and grace to women. Embellish look can be given by adding patches, embroidery, and some light Zari work.

Royal Ranisa Provides a different kind of Rajputi Poshak


The color of the wedding dress is crucial. You need to make sure it suits your skin tone. A red Color is perfect for the Every Bride. So you can choose a perfect Rajput poshak who suits you. A Bridal Rajputi Poshak to grace you very much.

The Rajput bride wears a resplendent traditional Rajputi poshak (The Bridal dress) for the wedding ceremony that is usually red in color. It has their own significance.


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We have a Various type of wedding Dresses which fulfill all the essential needs related to the wedding. We provide the different color of Rajput poshak such as orange, yellow, gold or pink, Green and also have bride Rajput dresses.

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